We are proud to announce that two new U.Emme products became part of our product range: the BM-XL and B4-XL buckets.


The natural evolution of the FPRI Grapple Buckets and B4x1 Multifunction Buckets developed to equip wheeled and tracked skid-steer Loaders, the BM-XL and B4-XL ranges are specifically designed to equip large wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and telehandlers. Two highly performing products are born, equipped with high-level technical components guaranteeing excellent working performance and great advantages in each of their applications.


Sturdy and efficient, the BM-XL Grapple Buckets and the B4-XL 4-in-1 Multifunction Buckets have been projected to never lose the grip: in fact, it is possible to load large quantities of material in safe and secure manner thanks to the standard presence of a blocking valve keeping the upper jaw closed, when oil is released or in case of hydraulic circuit accidental damage. The standard equipment of both products is completed by thick HARDOX® slides protecting the bottom of the bucket, a feature that allows to successfully deal with even the heaviest and most prolonged uses.


Specifically for the BM-XL range of Grapple Buckets, each model offers as option two bolting side panels in order to increase the bucket capacity in case fine and grainy material needs to be loaded, and a double cut knife in wear resistant steel protecting the bucket edge using BM-XL in construction and industrial fields. In addition to the latter fields of application, BM-XL is a valid tool to be used also in the demolition sector for rubble and debris of various nature and shape removal, or in the recycling and composting sector for waste handling, and finally in Biogas plants for biomass handling.


The new range of Multifunction Buckets B4-XL have been projected to increase versatility and functionality, better supporting the all-round tool concept. The excellent quality of the product can be seen both in the first-rate equipment used in the manufacture of the three models available, but also in the attention to details. In addition to the already described standard equipment consisting in a safety blocking valve and HARDOX® slides, there are two powerful double-acting hydraulic cylinders opening and closing the frontal part of the bucket, whose side profiles have particular jaws allowing to grip and hold any type of material, even the most irregular.


The B4-XL Multifunction Bucket is also used in various fields and specifically in the construction and industrial sector above all for digging, backfilling, levelling, loading and high unloading operations, but it can also be useful in removing rubble and debris operations, in field demolition and restoration of disaster affected areas, in silage and biomass handling in Biogas plants, handling and spreading manure, feed, fertilizer in agricultural farms.


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