Castelsantangelo Sul Nera, in Province of Macerata, is a wonderful middle age village dating back to the 1200 which overlooks the banks of the Nera River, known for its pure waters. In 2016, this marvelous village is hit by a terrible earthquake that devasting the town and all neighboring settlements in 3 different times. Following the earthquake magnitude 5.4 and 5.9 of October 26th and 6.5 of October 30th 2016, which epicenter was located in the municipality of Castelsantangelo, 90% of the structures collapsed or was irreparably damaged and the village was completely closed causing inaccessibility.

When last August we received via e-mail the request of Mr. Marcello (technician, maintainer, “ handyman” in the Municipality of Castelsantangelo sul Nera), looking for a second-hand equipment to be used in case of snow emergency, in U.Emme we decided to provide this community the most concrete help we may offer.

So, in agreement with Mr. Marcello and the gentle Surveyor Giovanni Battista Ricci, the last September 21th, we donated a Snow Blower Yeti 1800 STD model in presence of the Mayor of Castelsantangelo sul Nera, Dr. Mauro Falcucci, who welcomed us as heroes.

In reality, true heroes are themselves : officials and workers who are trying to bring all displaced people back home with tireless passion, so to re-aggregate a community that has been dispersed throughout the Marche Region after losing their home.

U.Emme simply thought to give aid in the only appropriate way: by providing an equipment that in case of emergency, in next winters, can remove snow by facilitating mobility in the area.

U.Emme's guys were allowed to visit the center of Castelsantangelo sul Nera, a true journey into the devastation of Nature from which a small photographic reportage was born. We pray all kind visitors to look at it: in memory of what was in the past , in the knowledge of what is today and in support of what will be the new Castelsantangelo sul Nera.


"Hope is like a road in the fields: there has never been a road, but when many people walk there, the road takes shape." (Yutang Lin)