Our customers often contact us asking why our mixer buckets are not equipped with a gear-motor, so we would like take a few minutes to clarify it. Uemme gave up using the gear transmission 15 years ago, in 2001, not because it didn’t work, on the contrary.... It was just as good as the chain, ring and pinion system that we use today and that, with some exceptions, is the standard type of transmission used by all manufacturers of cement mixer buckets. 

The reasons of this choice were others. 



1st reason: SAFETY. 

 The heavy motor-gears unbalanced the entire equipment on one side and, in case of non flat ground made going around with a bucket lifted and full of cement was extremely dangerous.



2nd reason:  ULITY AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS in case of failure and repair

The mixing bucket, having to mix sand, gravel and cement constantly, is a tool that has to perform heavy duty work. The mixing stage requires that the operator merges the mixture both clockwise/counterclockwise and it’s this kind of operation that demands the major effort, since the change of rotation generates a counterblow on the transmission. After long working time, it’s possible that a gear tooth inside the gear-motor or a simple component such as a spline broke, putting the Cement Mixer Bucket completely out of order.

Following the failure of the gear-motor, the user of the Cement Mixer Bucket had to bear high repair costs for disassembly, replacement of the damaged parts and reduction gear reassembly, resulting in a long machine downtime since it was necessary to repair the bucket in a specifically equipped workshop because that it  was impossible to repair the Cement Mixer Bucket directly at the job site. 



The chain system damped better than any gear system every kind of counterblow caused by the rotation reversal during the mixing phase. In case of breaking’s chain it can be repaired on site and in a few minutes: by replacing the broken chain link with a new one, or by replacing completely the chain. It is a very easy operation, which does not involve the use of tools or special knowledge.

Let’s hope to help You for your future choice in case of purchase of a Cement Mixer Bucket.