U.Emme Marketing Manager


The Samoter 2017 edition has just ended. What is your overall impression?

It is a very positive impression. The #Verona Fiere staff did an excellent job and managed to enhance an occasion that over the years had gradually started to lose its appeal, making sure that it is once again the most important event for the construction and earth movement industry on domestic market. Besides the huge interest in U.Emme production, the number of visitors who attended the event was staggering; what impressed me most, though, were the smiles from exhibiting colleagues and friends, all of them really pleased and satisfied having taken part in #SAMOTER 2017.


Trade fairs are an excellent opportunity to meet partners. What are your impressions on the earthmoving machinery market currently?

Considering the enthusiasm shown by those who operate in this sector at #Samoter 2017, I feel confident to say that there is plenty of motivation to start moving fast again, possibly in a streamlined and self-assured way. More than this, what I would like to concentrate on are the people who have visited our U.EMME stand: I was positively surprised by the number of customers who stop by just to shake our hand and congratulate to us about the equipment we manufacture. This made me feel proud of being part of U.EMME and my thought immediately went to those who would really have deserved all those compliments, namely my father and my brother, as well as all the staff in our technical department and workshop: they are the real driving force behind our high-quality products.

What are your goals for the near future? What direction is taking U.emme?

We are investing in people, in skilled human resources. We are paying special attention to strengthening our business network, nationally and internationally. However, rather than “direction”, I would use the word “road” which U.Emme is following: it is definitely uphill, with many curves hard to negotiate. We are not worried about this at all; on the contrary we feel deeply motivated by it. In U.Emme, starting by our new colleague (Gian Maria Liverani, four-time Italian Superbike/Supersport champion), we are all Riders and winding roads are routine for us.